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Harvest from the Farmer’s Market—super cute grape tomatoes.


Time and again, the issue comes back to the arguments made in black and white.

Regardless of the allegiance (liberals and conservatives) too many folks suffer from a chronic ad hominem-ism.

"I agree/disagree with [insert statement here]. Anyone who believes otherwise is stupid. That’s so typical of the idiots who are [insert political party or tendency here]."

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Animal Collective - The Most Pretentious-But-Still-Worthwhile Installation In Recent History

Who: Animal Collective (band), Danny Perez (video artist), Stephan Moore (sound engineer)

What: See title.

When: April 2012

Where: the Guggenheim Museum.

They transformed the atrium into an “immersive installation” called Transverse Temporal Gyrus (TTG).

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Jack's: Let's reconsider our "users"



1. A person who uses or operates something, esp. a computer or other machine.
2. A person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user.


During a Square Board meeting, our newest Director Howard Schultz, pulled me aside and asked a simple question.


DK - no, not Donkey Kong

David Karp: this guy is interesting.

I read about him today after googling tumblr instead of putting it in the address bar as a full address.

I have to say, he is really fascinating. I can’t say I am endeared to him…and in fact, I don’t even admire him. Yes, I find some of his ideas and idiosyncrasies and behaviors admirable. No, I can’t admire him. Unfortunately, he lacks the clarity of thought and speech that classically great leaders have (or have by way of their speechwriters).

I have a hard time juggling disclaimers because I have such mixed feelings about the creator of a site I quite enjoy.

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Eating Your Cultural Vegetables

The age-old metaphor of “junk” television gets an extra course—the cultural vegetable.

This is worthy of a separate discussion, but here is some food (ha) for thought.

One of many creatures studded on the Westminster abbey. This was the only dragon with enough mischief and endearing spite in its eyes for me to wish it was mine. (Taken with Instagram)
Last time I’ll be able to write this as my occupation, I think. LOLOL (Taken with Instagram)

Hot Cross Puns

We sometimes (or often, depending where you live and work) find ourselves at the intersection of cultural exchange. Recently, I have had the great fortune to be trip planning for a brief stay in Europe.

Trips abroad are always tremendous learning experiences. What you do when you travel (especially if you do the trip-planning yourself) is that you go though the initiation process of a new neighborhood. The main difference is that this process happens online, in the virtual realm.

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Apple Brie open-faced sandwich on raisin walnut bread. Didn’t get as much oven spring from the bread as I was hoping but it’s still delicious. :) (Taken with Instagram)